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photoblog image Smiling Tkamz


... Pay no mind to the unprofessional attempt to blur out the background... its ugly.. lol

trey from United States 11 Jan 2012, 20:47
Well you made an attempt anyway... well done!
try this... (very quick and very dirty, but suffices most of the time)
in photoshop, make new layer from background. 
select copied layer
filter -> blur-> gaussian blur (select whatever pixel radius suits you)
select the eraser tool - set brush size to something reasonable and erase out the bits you dont want blurred.
flatten image (select layer --> Flatten)
and voila!
Taiwo Kamson: Aww thanks a bunch Trey.. This is so Helpful.. I also actually have to learn to be able to do this directly from the camera.. a low depth of field its called.. But I'm definitely going to practice this quick trick you just taught me... thank you for leaving a comment..

trey from United States 11 Jan 2012, 22:49
Not sure where you are but if you slap a cheap (approx. £70) 50mm 1.8 on your camera you'll be doing that all day long.. smile
Taiwo Kamson: Will look that lens up.. I'm in Lagos though

Akor Opaluwah from Nigeria 12 Jan 2012, 13:20
i like your hair do.
 Yeah that lens would be very good. i use it a lot
Taiwo Kamson: Would get one as soon as I can.. thank you dear

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biodunf 12 Jan 2012, 15:37
Nice pic, cld give u a link to help learn abt blurring d background
Taiwo Kamson: Thank you B, that would be nice

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